About Us

The Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC) is a non-profit organization whose over 70 members include public and private purchasers, hospitals, health plans, and doctors working together to measure and report health care value. MHMC helps employers and their employees use this information to make informed decisions.

Since 1993, MHMC has played a leading role in health care quality measurement and public reporting both in Maine and nationally, and has acted as a catalyst for quality improvement.  Quality rankings for hospitals and clinicians are available at www.getbettermaine.org.

stakeholdersMHMC provides value to its members by fostering safer, higher quality, and more efficient health care delivered to employees and dependents.

MHMC brings the purchaser and provider communities together in a partnership to measure and report on the value of health care services. This will inform employer and employee decisions and facilitate the use of performance information by employers and employees to make decisions.

Members consider their company’s active involvement a long-term investment strategy by investing in not only their employee’s health, but also by considering health care as a strategic aspect of business management.

All Maine Health Management Coalition members share a common goal for Maine to have the highest quality, most affordable health care in the nation so that it can attract and retain jobs and residents and improve population health. All stakeholders — clinicians, hospitals, employers, health plan sponsors, health plans, consumers, the State of Maine, and CMS — will work together, with facilitation and support from the MHMC and others, to design and implement payment reforms, delivery system reforms, consumer engagement, and public reporting efforts statewide in order to achieve the following Triple Aim goals:

Health of the Population: Self-reported health outcomes and functional status will improve by 10% by 2018, and Maine will improve from 9th to the top 5 in America’s Health Rankings during the same period; and

Per Capita Cost: Reduce total cost of care and commercial health care premiums in Maine to no higher than the national average by 2017. This will be measured using the Health Partners Total Cost of Care and Resource Use measure set.  Commercial premium costs will be measured against Kaiser Family Foundation benchmarks.

Experience of Care: Ensure quality and patient experience of care is improved and protected throughout system transformation and remains at or above the national average. This would be measured by achieving/maintaining quality in the top 10% nationally across MHMC quality measures and achieving CG-CAHPS and H-CAHPS scores above the national average as measured by the national CAHPS database as our benchmark.

The Maine Health Management Coalition will measure and regularly report on progress towards these goals at the regional, state, community, facility, and practice level — gauging the impact on total cost of care and resource use, population health, and patient experience. Mechanisms will be established to ensure that all purchasers and consumers within the state benefit from the savings associated with slower growth and overall reduction in spending.

More than 200,000 member employees and dependents along with all Maine’s citizens benefit from the MHMC’s work by receiving quality care from Maine clinicians and hospitals, and learning how to be activated health care consumers and patients.