Choosing Wisely Employee Materials

The following articles are intended to be distributed by employers to their employees. These articles can be used to introduce employees to the Choosing Wisely initiative in employee newsletters, blogs, or employers’ intranet sites. Employers can use these articles in any method or combination that is appropriate for them. The articles can each stand on their own, or can be combined in a series and distributed over time as part of an ongoing effort to educate employees throughout the year.

There are both long articles and short articles that discuss key issues and available resources that are organized around topics employees will be interested in. These articles build on the Consumer Reports resources and can be distributed using your brand, which is why we present them here in MS Word format. When you distribute the co-branded versions to your employees, we recommend using a non-alterable format, such as a PDF. Download all Employee Materials here.

Long articles

More equals better? Not when it comes to your health

Help get employees engaged in the topic and understand the basics of health care, appropriate use of services and quality.

Choosing Wisely: new resources and new information for your health

Introduce employees to the benefits of the Choosing Wisely and Consumer Reports resources.

Three health care treatments you may not need

Show employees how more care isn’t necessarily better care with a real-life example.

Short articles

Four things that would surprise you about health care

This article highlights several factoids and insights from the Choosing Wisely campaign to engage employees and point them to Consumer Reports’ resources.

Three reasons to take a notepad to your next doctor visit

This article includes doctor-patient relationship insights and links for more details.

Your doctor and you

This article encourages employees to be proactive in their families’ health by using the available resources online.

Caring for others: tips to help you and your loved ones

This article helps employees who are caring for others, such as aging parents or children. Online resources can help you cope with caregiving.

Getting the right preventive care

This article lists preventive practices to build healthy habits.

Visual series

Getting the most from your health care: New resources for your and your family

Employers are also invited to engage their employees through visual information. This PowerPoint presentation was designed to be flexible and used by employers in the way that is most appropriate for the employer’s industry, worksite, and office culture.

This multipurpose presentation can be used for meetings or as visuals for websites and print content. It could also be played on a scrolling basis on monitors in employee break rooms. Individual slides can be pulled out and highlighted. This high-level review of the Choosing Wisely initiative is an easy and engaging way to introduce employees to the campaign. Slides taken from the presentation can also be co-branded.