Choosing Wisely Tip Sheets

Choosing Wisely: what it is and what resources are available
Consumer Reports and ABIM Foundation created a video introducing Choosing Wisely and Consumer Reports resources that are available.

Point employees to the Consumer Health Choices: For Employees webpage with the Choosing Wisely and Consumer Reports resources.

Download all Consumer Reports Resources here.

Consumer Reports Tip Sheets

Consumer Reports’ tip sheets are designed to help employees become more engaged in their health care. Employees will recognize and trust the Consumer Reports brand.  These tip sheets are short (one or two pages), and are intended to complement and supplement the Choosing Wisely Employer Toolkit articles. Employees may even be encouraged to print these and take them along with them to medical appointments. They’re available to post and distribute to your entire employee population, however since these materials were created by Consumer Reports, these documents cannot be co-branded or altered in any way.

What you need to know about doctor-patient relationships

Tips for employees of all ages who are preparing to visit their doctors

Tips on communicating with your doctor

Tips for employees of all ages who are preparing to visit their doctors

What may surprise you about preventive care

Tips to encourage preventive behavior in employees of all ages

Ten ways to reduce your drug costs

Tips for drugs: Costs, best practices and more

Coping with serious illness

Help employees cope with serious illness

Living life to the fullest: building healthy habits

Encourage healthy lifestyle habits for employees of all age groups

Asking questions about medical tests

Tips about common tests and screenings for employees of all ages

Asking questions about imaging tests

Tips about common imaging procedures for employees of all ages

All Consumer Reports Resources

As stated in the Choosing Wisely Employer Toolkit employer guide, the Consumer Reports Choosing Wisely website contains even more information and resources on Choosing Wisely. Coalitions and employers are encouraged to visit the site for further background information and materials.

ABIM Foundation and Consumer Reports have also posted a series of videos that can be used with employees, including this video introducing the Choosing Wisely campaign.