Benefits of Data Membership

It’s never too late to become a “data” member!

Whether you’re new to the Coalition or have been a member for years, it’s never too late to explore the benefits of becoming a data member.  Get timely, actionable analytics on your organization’s cost drivers developed by the Maine Health Management Coalition in conjunction with Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMS).  Benefits of MHMC’s Essential data membership package include quarterly reports, reviewed in person, on your plan’s cost and utilization experience along with benchmarking to other Maine-based employers.  The Enhanced data membership package includes up to 15 hours per month of custom report development and ad hoc analytics along with online access to your data through a web-based interactive reporting tool.

Learn how your organization compares to other Coalition data members on cost and quality of care.  Monitor your plan’s utilization trends are over time.  Make use of easy-to-read reports that show where you might increase preventative programs to decrease your overall healthcare costs.  Maintain access to your health care spending data over time, regardless of changes in carriers or TPA.  And if you’re an Enhanced data member, gain access to dozens of standard interactive reports through the online portal, or work with Coalition staff to develop a customized report tailored to your needs.

For more information email Michael DeLorenzo at or call 207-844-8106.