Benefits of Data Membership

Do you know which of your health care costs yield strong results and which are all together unnecessary?

Do you know which providers your employees see consistently deliver high quality care and which generate additional human and economic costs through errors and omissions of care?

Do you have a robust evaluation system in place to assure that your claims are being properly paid and your health care bill is generating healthier employees and dependents?

Do you have credible benchmarks to measure how your costs compare to other employers, Medicare and Medicaid in Maine?

Do you have a permanent home for your data that won’t change between carriers or claims processing platforms?

Do you have the expertise to understand and use your data to evaluate and consider alternative payment mechanisms?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it is not too late to become a data member and experience the satisfaction these data members have…



“As an Enhanced Data Member, we now have access to longitudinal data on whole populations, benchmarked against like populations in Maine. We can look at variation in utilization and stratify the population in a way that allows us to reach those who may need additional services. Finally we have data on which we can base meaningful action!”

– Dr. Barbara Crowley
Executive Vice President
MaineGeneral Health

“I often find most reports employers receive analyzing their health insurance claims do not provide the employer with adequate information to determine the major cost drivers for their organization.  Employers are often left scratching their heads when trying to make sense of what the data means.  The reports the MHMC provides to their data members analyzing their health insurance claims are very easy to understand and useful so the employer can develop effective strategies and interventions to support the health and well-being of their employees.”

– Phil DiRusso
Worksite Wellness Consultant

“Understanding the impact of our plan design and wellness initiatives on our employee’s behavior and our spend is critical.  Our data membership with the MHMC allows us to leverage their talented analysts to mine the data and benchmark against those with similar populations so that we can gain a strategic perspective on where our opportunities are.”

– Laurie Williamson
Former Executive Director
Office of Employee Health and Benefits
State of Maine