Access Your Data Using DARTSM

As Enhanced Maine Health Management Coalition data members, you can use the DARTSM reporting tool to ask important questions about your population.


For Plan Sponsors:

Plan sponsors with the Essential Data Membership package can use MHMC’s suite of standard reports to understand plan performance compared to benchmarks and to develop strategies for controlling cost and improving quality.

In addition, plan sponsors with an Enhanced Data Membership have online access to their claims and enrollment via a secure web-based portal from Health Data & Management Solutions (HDMSSM) known as the Data Analysis and Reporting Tool (DARTSM). With a point-and-click interface that’s easy to use, DARTSM provides access to timely data at your fingertips. While sufficiently granular to permit sophisticated analysis, data within the DARTSM tool contains no Protected Health Information (PHI) or member identifiers. Enhanced Data Members may also allow their brokers and consultants to access the DARTSM tool on their behalf.

For Providers:

Provider organizations with the Essential Data Membership  package can use MHMC’s suite of standard reports  to understand how their employee and dependent population compares to benchmarks on cost and utilization.

In addition, provider organizations with an Enhanced Data Membership have secure online access, via Health Data & Management Solution’s Data Analysis and Reporting Tool (DARTSM), to the claims and enrollment information of individual patients attributed to Primary Care Practitioners within their system.  Treating providers and/or practice managers can view and analyze claims detail across all systems to coordinate care, ensure efficient resource use, and improve clinical outcomes for patients in their practice panels.  In addition, attributed patient populations in DARTSM can be filtered to specific MHMC data members for focused management of at-risk populations.