Design A Custom Report

Data members with the Enhanced level of membership can work with MHMC’s data team to design custom reports and analyses to support specific business needs.  Below are just a few of the custom requests we’ve completed to date.  If you have a need that is not being met through our existing reports, let us know how we can help!

for plan sponsors

Custom Benchmarks

Member Lists for Outreach Mailings

Actuarial Support

Benefit Change Analysis

Attribution Analysis

for providers

Clinical Opportunity Analysis

Global Payment Target Setting

Referral Pattern Analysis

High-Cost/High-Risk Patient Lists

For Plan Sponsors:

  • Custom Benchmarks – created custom benchmarks for a large fully-insured plan sponsor to better understand plan spend and utilization compared to other Maine-based employers.
  • Member Lists for Outreach Mailings – using historical claims data from a prior carrier, generated a list of members with diabetes on behalf of a self-insured plan sponsor.  MHMC engaged HDMSSM to add member names to the list and transfer securely to the plan’s new insurance carrier.  The carrier used the lists to conduct an outreach mailing for a diabetes support program available to plan members.
  • Actuarial Support – generated a data extract containing summary claims and enrollment information at the group level for an organization providing coverage to hundreds of member groups.  The data extract was used to calculate renewal rates for nearly 50 experience-rated groups.
  • Benefit Change Analysis – using data for the most recent plan year, estimated the number of members who might be impacted by numerous plan design changes under consideration by a self-insured employer.  Estimated the financial impact of a change in ER co-pays.  Conducted a member zip code analysis to determine proximity to patient-centered medical homes.
  • Attribution Analysis – for a self-funded plan sponsor, compared per member spend and utilization rates among employees and dependents attributed to different hospital systems.  Identified areas of high cost and utilization compared to benchmarks.

For Providers:

  • Clinical Opportunity Analysis – generated clinical profiles of members driving costs in an at-risk population.
  • Global Payment Target Setting – calculated baseline per-member per-month (PMPM) spend statistics for potential at-risk populations attributed and/or enrolled to a provider system.
  • Referral Pattern Analysis – summarized per patient spend and utilization across Coalition data members for a provider system referring to external orthopedic specialty groups.
  • High-Cost/High-Risk Patient Lists – generated lists of patients at high clinical and financial risk.  MHMC then engaged HDMSSM to add member names to the lists and to transfer securely to the provider system data member for care management.