Primary Care Practice Reports

On January 30th, 2014, the Maine Health Management Coalition began distributing Primary Care Practice Reports to all Primary Care practices in Maine. This work is supported by the State of Maine’s State Innovation Model (SIM) award.

pcpreportPrimary Care Practice Report History: The Primary Care Practice Reports were designed and developed by the Maine Health Management Coalition, with support from MaineCare, and with guidance from Maine’s Primary Care Medical Home Pilot Conveners, the Primary Care Medical Home Working Group, Pathways to Excellence Steering Committees and other stakeholders.

The Primary Care Practice Reports reflect the commitment of Maine’s healthcare providers to engage in data-driven practice improvement.

Report Content: The goal of the Primary Care Practice Report is to demonstrate practice pattern variation in cost and quality compared to state benchmarks.

The Primary Care Practice Report displays information based on medical and pharmacy claims data for all patients attributed to a given primary care practice. The report is based on ALL of the attributed patient’s claims data, regardless of where care was received. Example: Jane Doe is attributed to Fictional Family Practice. Fictional Family Practice’s Primary Care Practice Report is based on all of healthcare services Jane received, regardless of the servicing provider or location of service. For instance, all of the specialty care Jane received for a knee replacement, outside of her primary care practice, will be included in the Fictional Family Practice’s report.

The Primary Care Practice Report consists of six pages of measures summarizing cost and resource utilization at the practice level, but also provides more detailed breakdowns across inpatient claims, outpatient and professional claims, and pharmacy claims. NQF-endorsed, national standard quality measures are also provided. All practice measures reported also include a statewide benchmark.

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