Updating Your Practice Information

Why is this information important?

Some of the Maine Health Management Coalition’s rating processes use the recognitions of individual clinicians.  It is important that practices have the ability to review and update the details on a regular basis.

Provider Accuracy and Rating Calculations

The provider listings that appear on GetBetterMaine.org reflect the records in the MHMC’s Provider Atlas.

Unless a practice notifies the MHMC otherwise, any clinician listed is assumed to have been at the practice for at least a year and carries a patient panel that would allow them to seek recognition in all areas.  If this is not true for a listed provider, an attestation form is required.

How to Update Your Practice Information

Updated practice information can be submitted electronically with the Excel Practice Update Form, or by mail with the PDF Practice Update Form.  These forms can be found on the PTE Downloads page. For electronic submission, please email the form to provideratlas@mehmc.org or fax it to (207) 844-8115.  For submission by mail, please send the form to the Maine Health Management Coalition, attention Susan Schow, 11 Bowdoin Mill Island, Suite 260, Topsham, ME 04086.

For additional resources, visit our Download PTE Materials page