Pathways to Excellence (PTE)

Pathways to Excellence is the name of each of the public reporting initiatives of the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC).  MHMC currently measures and publicly reports quality data on primary care practices, behavioral health clinicians and hospitals at .  Efforts to measure and publicly report quality data on specialists are currently underway.

Since 2002, steering committees that include clinicians, employers, quality and safety experts, and health plans have guided the PTE initiatives.  The collaboration of all key stakeholders offers the opportunity to thoroughly discuss and understand issues and barriers from all perspectives to create a reasonable set of measures acceptable to all.  The steering committee members invest a great deal of time to make certain the MHMC is using the most accurate and reliable data available to measure doctor and hospital performance.  The steering committee also develops key metrics where necessary, consumer reports, and approaches to rewarding practices for high quality and value.