Maine Health Management Coalition Provider Atlas (MHMC PA)

provider-atlas-logo_webThe MHMC’s Provider Atlas attempts to capture the structure and relationships of healthcare providers (individuals and organizations) in Maine.  It maps primary care providers, specialists, and other entities to the practices, hospitals, clinics, and systems with which they are affiliated.  The MHMC’s Provider Atlas is fundamental to the work of the MHMC as well as a resource of great value to diverse customers (including government agencies, provider organizations, health plans, and researchers) for multiple potential purposes (including performance measurement reporting, research studies and information dissemination).

The MHMC will use the Provider Atlas to inform the reporting of provider recognitions on the public website and in the development of healthcare cost and quality metrics requiring knowledge of affiliations of healthcare entities within Maine.

Core Principles:

  • There is public benefit from using a common statewide database as a source for reliable information around Maine clinicians and their health system relationships.
  • The value of the Provider Atlas depends on the credibility of the data which results from the willing participation of responsible contributors including the provider community and health plans and the methodological rigor applied throughout the data collection and verification process.
  • To maintain the willing participation of Provider Atlas contributors, the use of the data must be restricted.
  • Information in the Provider Atlas cannot be sold or used for any commercial purposes but only for public use to achieve the Maine Health Management Coalition’s Triple Aim goals.

Operational Strategies:

  • The MHMC will reach out to multiple sources of data to make the content of the Provider Atlas as accurate, comprehensive and timely as possible.
  • The MHMC will create relationships with stakeholders such as PHOs, ACOs, and IPAs as well as individual practices to facilitate the acquisition and verification of the data in the Provider Atlas.
  • The MHMC will communicate openly the status and future plans of the Provider Atlas and consider input about potential enhancements.
  • The MHMC will establish, publish, and implement requirements for use of the Provider Atlas.


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