Pathways to Excellence Overview

Pathways to Excellence (PTE) is the name of the public reporting initiatives of the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC). The MHMC currently collects and publicly reports quality data for primary care practices, pediatric practices, and hospitals at .  MHMC strongly believes that Maine people need good reliable independent information to help them choose their health care providers, one of the most important decisions many of us need to make.

The Role of the PTE Steering Committees (chartered by the MHMC Board of Directors)

1)  Recommend to MHMC Board the following:

a)  Selection from among measurement sets developed by expert national and state entities
b)  Locally develop measurement sets
c)  Setting bars and cut points – for both high performance and good performance
d)  Public reporting formats and contextual language for website and other publications

2)  Educate providers in Maine about:

a)  Metrics used by the MHMC/PTE
b)  Purchasers’ and consumers’ use of information
c)  National trends

The Role of the MHMC Board in PTE

The MHMC Board shall secure participation and support of experts to serve on PTE Steering Committees and shall work collaboratively with the various PTE Steering Committees and shall review and approve Steering Committee Recommendations on:

1)  Selection of measures from expert national/regional entities that are feasible to collect and report in Maine
2)  Designation thresholds of “high performance” and “minimum acceptable quality” to set cut points and bars
3)  When MHMC should be directly involved in local data collection and analysis
4)  Public reporting formats
5)  Consumer materials and information that support/explain performance reports

Reliance on National Metrics and Performance Measurement:

1)  The MHMC will utilize performance measurement results produced by national or regional entities pursuant to vetting and endorsement by appropriate Pathways to Excellence Steering Committees.
2)  The MHMC will only collect and analyze data when it is not available from other entities, or when collecting it ourselves would drive more beneficial change or be more cost effective.
3)  The MHMC will adopt and utilize all available performance measures endorsed by the National Quality Forum and other expert entities unless there is a technical or compelling reason to reject an individual measure.
4)  The MHMC will recognize the differences among measures that measure high performance and those that measure basic competency or minimum thresholds of performance.