Adult Care – Hypertension: Obtaining Hypertension Care Recognition

Hypertension Recognition Grid

BTE outcomes – Level 1 Good
BTE outcomes – Level 2 Better
BTE outcomes – Level 3 w/ sample population Better
BTE outcomes – Level 3 w/ full population Best

Note: To achieve a Good, Better, or Best rating on a practice must achieve either a group level recognition, or 3/5 (60%) of the eligible providers in the practice must receive individual recognition.

BTE Hypertension Care Recognition Program

The BTE Hypertension Care Recognition program is designed to recognize clinicians who use evidence-based measures and provide excellent care to their patients.  The program is comprised of six measures that cover blood pressure and lipid management, aspirin use, diabetes screening, smoking cessation, urine protein tests, and counseling for diet and physical activity.

Clinicians that are eligible for the BTE Hypertension Care Recognition Program will abstract data from the charts of hypertensive patients (25 minimum for a single applicant and 10 per clinician for a group level application*), and will submit the data through their electronic medical records for review.

For more information on BTE’s Hypertension Care Recognition Program, click HERE.

*Although group level applications require only 10 patient charts per clinician, each clinician in the group must have an average of 25 patients with Hypertension.